Is Your Life FULL… and — You Still Feel EMPTY ?

Are You Super Busy but Feel Unproductive and Unappreciated?

Do you have a constant low-grade feeling of self-doubt and irritation that is getting in the way of your productivity at work and even worse is really interfering your ability to relax and unplug at home?

Have you been fighting with the people you love the most – but you’re too tired to figure out how to communicate differently?

Megan Kelly Smith, MFT

It’s like you finally have it all-
but now your wondering if you can actually handle it.

Welcome, Modern Entrepreneur and
Ambitious Over Achiever!


What you may not realize is being unhappy

Is not just bad for you – it is really bad for your life.
Being negative will stress your relationships, career and health.

Confiding in your friends about your concerns can be awkward and strain your relationship. And unfortunately your efforts to figure things out on your own haven’t really worked out for you.

If you’re ready for relief but your out of ideas about what you could do differently- You Are In The Right Place.

The truth is bringing your problems to a therapist is one of the best ways to deal with emotionally challenging situations.

Hello, My name is Megan Kelly Smith and I am not your standard,

head-nodding psychotherapist – not even close! My counseling style is friendly and non-confrontational and yet at the same time I have an opinion and I am not afraid to share it.

In our counseling sessions you will get my unbiased professional perspective. We will discuss what is bothering you and how you can improve your situation.

We will collaborate to understand your options and develop realistic action plans. Together we can figure out a better way for you to get the results you want.

You will learn how to calm your emotions to make decisions that support you reaching your goals of having both – happiness & success.

You get to benefit from my 20+ years of experience motivating overextended people. The skills I will teach you have consistently worked to help my clients feel better.

Our conversations will focus on your situation and what is best for you.

  • Discover how to live in a way that encouragesyou to relax and take charge of enjoying your life.
  • Find out how to resolve conflicts without fighting
  • Learn to avoid making the same mistakes andget out of your unhealthy patterns.
  • Understand how your past is effecting you now andWhat you can do to move forward with what you want.
  • Understand how to manage your negative thoughts and feelings.
  • Discover what you can and –finally – will do toImprove your emotional and physical health.
  • Commit to your goals andbe ready, willing and able to take action.

To get started contact Megan Kelly Smith, MFT by phone 510-730-2010 or email: MeganKS@mac.com Today for a complimentary, confidential consult to check in about what is going on and how I can help.

Enjoy Your Life Today!



Megan Kelly Smith, MFT